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Dual Use Tanks for Bulk and Fire Water Storage

A dual use tank is a corrugated water storage tank that is customized to hold fire protection water and additional water supply for domestic use. A stand pipe or external fitting to divert additional water supply ensures this extra water does not interfere with the mandated usable volume for fire protection. Dual purpose tanks that meet the NFPA 22 requirements have separate plumbing systems to keep domestic water above the elevation of the fire protection water supply.

Check with your local fire marshal for accessory preferences, fitting options and installation requirements.

Affordable Fire Protection Corrugated Tanks

corrugated tanks offer additional savings when built for dual use water storage. Offset your capital expense with fire protection and domestic water supply in the same tank.

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Dual Use Tanks for Domestic and Fire Water Storage

Water for firefighting does not need to be potable safe for drinking. Non-potable water or collected rainwater can be used for fire suppression as well as stored for additional purposes. The water used for these additional applications is drawn from the supply above the stand pipe and will not interfere with the usable volume required for fire protection water. This extra water can be used to flush toilets, irrigate landscaping as well as wash vehicles, equipment and building exteriors. Some areas may limit water usage. Check your state's regulations and fire code to ensure compliance.

View our Dual Use Tank Infographic for more information on combination domestic and firewater storage.

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Fire Protection Tanks come in a variety of sizes. Please see our Corrugated Tank Dimensions Page for more information.